Cam Chain Replacement on Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit

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(c) swiftnet, Dec 2010 [1]

OK, I got my parts and finally have time to do some of this. I split my cam chain and pulled the new chain through, here are the pic’s.

My Old Chain with the chain tunnel stuffed with paper towels and cloth... I learn from my mistakes.
Side view.
Chain breaker on cam chain (I lined it up better before I started cranking).
Marked the old chain just in case I got confused where old meets new...
The old and new cam chains linked together with steel wire.
New chain on the crank (still open, will add the master link tomorrow, Merry Fuckin' Christmas).

Here are the pics of my camchain riveting adventure. I ended up using a magnet to hold the chain while I worked.

Chain plates.
Placing the plates.
Plates all inserted and lined up.
Inserting the link.
Link full inserted.
Initial plate pressing.
Plate is on, basically.
Pressing the plate on all the way.
Finished! I marked one of the pins on the master link for easier ID.